Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bound By Darkness (Guardians of Eternity #8) by Alexandra Ivy

Goodreads Summary:
The Sylvermysts have a reputation as sinister cousins to the fey, and none are more mysterious than Ariyal and his tribe. To save his people from banishment, he faces a new challenge: Jaelyn, an elite vampire warrior sent to capture him. By rights, he should kill her on sight. Yet he cannot bring himself to hurt her—or to resist her… 

Jaelyn is stunningly beautiful, utterly lethal—and always alone. Until Ariyal. From their first encounter, she knows that what's between them is more dangerous than simple lust. And as they unite to thwart a terrifying prophecy that will mean the end of his clan and of the world they know, she will risk everything to fulfill her destiny by his side…

My Review:

Bound by Darkness is the 8th book in the Guardians of Eternity series by Alexandra Ivy. This book has Jaelyn, a hunter vampire and Ariyal, a Sylvermyst. She is supposed to hunt him down but together they need to save the world.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was a little different from previous books in that the girl is the vampire. Jaelyn is a hunter vampire. That means she can disguise herself in the shadows from anybody. She's utterly lethal but vulnerable in her own way. She knows that her attraction to Ariyal could cost her everything.

Ariyal is one of the few Sylvermysts left in this world. He was a slave of Morgana La Fay who was killed a few books back. He's the head of his tribe. He wants to prevent the Dark Lord from returning to this world.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was lots of fun. Of course it had lots of action and hot steamy sex. If you're looking for something light to read this could be it.    

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