Thursday, March 22, 2012

Follow Friday! (17)

Q: What is the longest book you've read? What are your favorite 600+ page reads?

The longest book I have read is Gone With the Wind. My favorite long book is The Mists of Avalon. And of course the Harry Potter books are some of my favorites too.


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  3. Hopping through. I had a friend who was really into Mists of Avalon. I'd like to read it some time.
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  4. Well the Harry potter series is always the great choice. I didn't know the other I think.

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  5. Pardon my ignorance, *gasp* I didn't know "Gone With the Wind" was a long one, I only heard of it as a movie and most of the books I read in screenwriting mentions it to be a must to study. :D "Mist of Avalon" is this about King Arthur? Happy Friday, old follower. My FF.

  6. Hi there :) just hopping through...Great choice, I love that book!

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  7. Hi there - just hopping by!

    I totally forgot about The Mists of Avalon in my post, but I completely loved that book! I liked the way it portrayed Morgaine as a misunderstood heroine rather than a villain!

    Tara @ Hey, Tara

  8. I loved Gone With the Wind! I've never read The Mists of Avalon, but I keep seeing it today as a favorite, so I'm going to have to pick up a copy!

    Amanda @ LIO - My FF

  9. I'm ashamed to say I haven't read Gone with the Wind... The Mists of Avalon, sounds familiar, I'll try to dig for it at the library.

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  10. I loved the Gone with the Wind movie, but didn't read the book. The Mists of Avalon? Never heard of it...I'll check it on GR :)
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  11. HI! happy friday. I haven't read those books yet, but I want to when I'm older. Please check out my blog:
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  12. Lots of HP this week! Gotta love it! :)

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  13. Hey, thanks for stopping by!

    I really, really loved Mists of Avalon, actually forgot about that one in my list! Now following you back!

  14. If you consider the fact that the version of The Lord of The Rings I read was the one that’s one book with the 3 parts inside (1202 pages in the brazilian version), that would be the longest book I’ve ever read. But if you consider series to favorite 600+ page reads, hands down, Harry Potter. Not so much for the story, but for the feeling it brings me every time I think about it.

    I looooved The Mists of Avalon too!

    I'm a new follower, btw!

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  15. Hi,
    New follower and new to the FF Hop. Nice to meet you!!. I have not read any of those books. I only have seen the movies for Harry Potter.
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