Thursday, February 23, 2012

Follow Friday! (14)

Q: Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most...

I live in the mountains in northeastern Arizona. We have lots of pine trees here. I live in a quiet neighborhood. Some of my neighbors live here full time like I do and some are here just for the summer. Currently I do most of my reading in my recliner in my living room or I lie in bed and read. Hopefully when the weather gets warmer I will sit outside and read.


  1. Sounds like a gorgeous area to do some outdoor reading! Jealous!

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  2. Yes! Sitting outside is awesome :))

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  3. Oh, outside reading is exciting! I also do outside reading sometimes! :)

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  4. You've mentioned two of my favourite reading accessories: bed and pine trees...bliss.

  5. it must be awesome to read outside in the mountains.

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  6. I love reading in the forest. It's so quite and alive. Hop on over if you have the time:
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  7. That sounds great! I can't wait until the weather improves here in England so that I can read outside more - I love it too. :)

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  8. Love your description. I love reading outside when I can!!

  9. i can't wait til it warms up more so i can read outside!

    Trish - My FF

  10. Reading outside in the sun is a founding reason I went with an e-ink ereader :) Can't wait for the weather to be consistently nice over here in the east :)

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  11. Arizona is beautiful. I've been several times. I think I would stay in the AC for reading in the summer tho. New follower. I'm at

    1. I live in the mountains so it doesn't get hot like it does in Phoenix. In fact we get a lot of summer visitors from Phoenix and Tucson. We might get into the 90s for a very short time in the summer but that's as hot as it ever gets. We also get snow in the winter.


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