Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Goodreads Summary:
Against all odds, Katniss has won the Hunger Games. She and fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark are miraculously still alive. Katniss should be relieved, happy even. After all, she has returned to her family and longtime friend, Gale. Yet nothing is the way Katniss wishes it to be. Gale holds her at an icy distance. Peeta has turned his back on her completely. And there are whispers of a rebellion against the Capitol - a rebellion that Katniss and Peeta may have helped create. 

Much to her shock, Katniss has fueled an unrest she's afraid she cannot stop. And what scares her even more is that she's not entirely convinced she should try. As time draws near for Katniss and Peeta to visit the districts on the Capitol's cruel Victory Tour, the stakes are higher than ever. If they can't prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are lost in their love for each other, the consequences will be horrifying. 

In Catching Fire, the second novel of the Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins continues the story of Katniss Everdeen, testing her more than ever before... and surprising readers at every turn.

My Review:

Catching Fire is the 2nd book in the Hunger Games trilogy. The Capital is not happy with Katniss over the stunt she pulled at the end of the Hunger Games that allowed both her and Peeta to win the games. She did not realize it at the time but her actions sowed the seeds of rebellion in the districts.

I loved reading this book. There was suspense, intrigue, deceit, and confusion. I couldn't put it down. I wanted to see what happened. I was very glad that I waited until the series was finished before I read it. That way I immediately got to read the 3rd book.

Katniss is still a survivor. However in this book the stakes are higher. It's not just her life that she's fighting for but also the lives of her family and friends. She has also spent much of her life determined that she will never marry or have children so they won't have to fight in the games. She's not sure how she feels about Gale or Peeta.

I love Peeta. He's artistic and a good match for Katniss although she does not realize it.

I'm not a fan of Gale. He is too angry and ruthless.

I highly recommend this book and really looking forward to the 3rd book.

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  1. I need to read this. read the 1st book and that's emotional for me hehe

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