Thursday, April 12, 2012

Night Sky by Jolene B. Perry

Goodreads Summary:
Girl I’ve loved, girl I’m falling for. Now that they’re both in view, the problem is clear. 

After losing Sarah, the friend he’s loved, to some other guy, Jameson meets Sky. Her Native American roots, fluid movements, and need for brutal honesty become addictive fast. This is good. Jameson needs distraction – his dad leaves for another woman, his mom’s walking around like a zombie, and Sarah’s new boyfriend can’t keep his hands off of her. 

As he spends time with Sky and learns about her village, her totems, and her friends with drums - she's way more than distraction. Jameson's falling for her fast. 

But Sky’s need for honesty somehow doesn’t extend to her life story – and Jameson just may need more than his new girl to keep him distracted from the disaster of his senior year.

My Review:

Night Sky is a young adult novel by Jolene B. Perry. Jameson is a senior in high school. The girl he has been in love with for 3 years is now with another guy. He meets Sky one night in his neighborhood. She's beautiful, has Native American roots, and has an honesty only policy. Jameson quickly falls for her only to discover that her honesty policy didn't apply to her past. During this book his father cheated on his mother and moved out.

I love this book. I loved Jameson. I really enjoyed having him as the narrator. I thought he’s just a wonderful guy. He was kind, compassionate, and a good guy. He's not perfect which makes him even more likable. He has a lot of feelings that he doesn't understand and has to work through. He's angry at his father in trying to be supportive of his mother. He's also impulsive and sometimes acts 1st and thinks 2nd. His parents have been pretty laid back in the way they have raised him. Because of this he seems pretty adult in many way.

I really liked Sky. We learn about her little by little. She's a Native American from Alaska. I enjoyed learning a little bit about her clan, village, and her heritage. She insists on Jameson being completely honest but isn't completely honest about her past. Given what she's been through it's understandable. Jamison shows his true colors when he works through his feelings of betrayal and forgives her.

I love this book and I highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author.

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  1. Laura, thanks for officially becoming a member of "Team Jameson" *wink* :)


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