Monday, March 5, 2012

Tangled by Erica O'Rourke

Goodreads Summary:
Constance started to keen as the air around us began to thrash and twist, the caustic scent of ozone burning my nose. As I watched, her dark gold hair began to lift and kink into knots. 

“I’m here. It’ll be okay.” It was the last thing I said before my best friend’s little sister went supernova in the second-floor girls’ bathroom, taking me with her. 

A month ago, Mo Fitzgerald risked her life to stop an ancient prophecy and avenge her best friend's murder. Now, she only wants to keep her loved ones safe. But the magic—and the Chicago Mob—have other plans. 

Mysterious, green-eyed Luc is back, asking for help—and a second chance. Colin, her strongest protector, is hiding a shocking secret. And inside Constance, the magic is about to go terribly wrong. Tangled in a web of love and betrayal, Mo must choose between the life she's dreamed of and the one she's destined for

My Review:

Tangled is the 2nd book in the Torn Trilogy by Erica O'Rourke. Mo has complicated life. Her best friend Verity was murdered a few months ago. Afterwards Mo discovered that Verity was magical and had a destiny. Somehow she transferred that destiny to mow. Along with it came Luc, a really hot magical guy. They managed to fix the magical lines and stop the torrent, a magical apocalypse. If that wasn't enough she also discovered that her family has ties to the mob. To protect her, her uncle hired her a bodyguard named Colin. Now she has feelings for both.

Constance, Verity's younger sister, unexpectedly comes into her powers at school. Mo soon learns that there is something wrong with the magic and once again it is up to her to fix it. Then there's the matter of the Russian mob who are trying to move into her neighborhood and want her help against her family.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I like Mo. She's a classic quiet girl who is learning to be not so quiet. Her family and teachers don't quite know what to make of her anymore. She's keeping secrets from everyone. Everybody wants something from her. But what does she want? That is the big question that she needs to answer.

Luc is back. I think he really likes her but she is still afraid that it's only because of their shared destiny.

Colin wants to protect her but she wants more from him. He has secrets in his past that tie him to her uncle but he won't tell her what they are.

I highly recommend this book and cannot wait until the 3rd book comes out.

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