Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Hunger Games Chapter 10

I am honored to have been asked to participate in the countdown to The Hunger Games movie. This was a great excuse to reread the entire series.

Chapter 10 Summary:

At the beginning of chapter 10, Peeta has just confessed his love for Katniss on national TV. She is shocked, to put it mildly. She is afraid that will make her look weak but she discovers that it has quite the opposite effect.

Unable to sleep, Katniss has an encounter with Peeta. He doesn’t feel like he’s a contender in the games. He only hopes to not disgrace himself and to not lose his identity and become a monster. Katniss doesn’t understand this.

The next morning the games will begin. At the place the games begin there is a shelter called the Cornucopia. It is filled with food and supplies for the games. Haymitch advises her and Peeta to not try to get any, but to get out of the area, find water, and stay alive.

And then the seventy-fourth Hunger Games begin….

Imagine that you are a contestant in the Hunger Games. Would you consider yourself a contender? What would your strategy be?

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  1. SNEAKINESS... I am a top notch hunter here in Alaska and again, licensed to hunt with a bow too! I would be combo of sneaky and unseen. I would avoid all I could and take out who needed to be taken out. Protect the little ones as best I could without them knowing it (leaving food etc or medicine even though I know I may be faced with having to kill them in the end I would want them to have a fighting chance) My strategy would let them kill each other off. Hoping that in the end I would be ble to take the next to the last man standing!


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