Thursday, February 9, 2012

Follow Friday! (12)

Q: What would your prefer: reading your favorite book over and over again until you got sick of it OR reading 100s of mediocre books? And why?

I  read because I enjoy it. If I don't really like a book then I'm not going to enjoy reading it. So I would rather read my favorite book over and over again versus reading lots of mediocre books. Life is too short to read books I don't love.


  1. Great answer, Rachel, similar to mine! Here is my F&F. A new follower! I would love, if you could follow my blog at Books Are Magic.

    Vidya @ Books Are Magic

    1. I am sorry for the name! I saw this name in another blog and thought I was that was you! Sorry again..but my answer is the same. My preference is the same as yours. And please visit my post!

  2. I do wonder about getting sick of my favourite book, but there are always new angles and nuances to discover. Besides, I just can't bring myself to waste time with mediocre reads.

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  3. I agree! Thanks for stopping by, returned the follow :)
    Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads

  4. you"re so right, I agree with you.

    old follower

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  5. I think I could read my favorites over and over. I have enough of them. Hopping thru..old follower!

  6. If it didn't say "get sick" of favorite this would be the answer. But I don't want to fall out of love with my books

  7. New follower! I'm afraid I would get really bored re-reading something over and over again. Here is my FF if you'd like to follow back:

  8. Hey! New Follower! I agree with you!

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  9. I couldn't read one forever. I think I'd cry, haha.

    Hope you're able to stop by and participate in my Swirls eBook giveaway!

    Preet @ AWR

  10. Hopping through. Totally agree that life's too short to read bad books.
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  11. Totally agree with you!!! Thanks for visiting. :)



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